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November 27, 2016

Just a note. Pete & I are always working on the products and the photos areas of the site, and since it is homemade (just like the planters), sometimes it takes us a while!!

Years ago, I stumbled upon something new while looking for a class for c.e.u.'s for my horticulture certificate. The time fit my schedule, and off I went to Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida to take a class in something called Hypertufa.

By the end of the day, I was hooked. I held my first workshop the following year, and soon started making pots for retail. In 2009, the circle was complete as I returned to Leu to teach.

I'm still hooked on Hypertufa. My horticulture certificate has expired, since my time is spent making pots. The containers are rustic and natural, and they provide a perfect growing environment when used for planting.  They are also lovely next to the fireplace or with a dried arrangement.

They have a distinctive old world look but with contemporary designs, natural, organic and absolutely 100 per cent hand made - wonderful in the garden or home.

If you want to feel good about your gardening efforts, visit mine - always in transition and certainly never perfect.  I continue to enjoy my Keyhole Garden. The rubble wall is full up to the top, providing condo living for lizards and frogs, who then help rid the garden of bugs.

I just found out about another type of raised garden, a German hugelkultur and may have to build one.  I really appreciate gardening up a little higher and not on hands and knees!

With Pete's help, we are creating incredible tiles from resin, rock & copper.  I always listen to your ideas and make notes at shows.  It's great fun, and you never know what will come next.  

I am pleased to have been accepted as a South Carolina State Parks Artist in Residence for 2016. In exchange for a free weeklong stay in a cabin at Poinsett State Park, I will create a piece to display at the park. I have just returned from this lovely park relaxed and ready to tackle the heat and making pots for Fall.  I will post pics of the project I create. 

To update, I want to make something totally different for them.  My first idea completely flopped, so now a change in direction to another idea. 

Update - 10/5 - almost finished. The project is turning out just great!

Update 10/18 - really almost finished but delayed a bit by the storm.

Update 11/2 - delivered!!

See you soon,


Artist in Residence

Well, here they are.  We made plaques to hang at Poinsett State Park, using a picture of a wild grape leaf we took there as inspiration. The tiles are made of resin & metalflake, mounted on a beach of natural gravel and framed in rustic wood. We are pleased to give this gift to Poinsett State Park. 

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